This Rickenbacker copy was one of the first instruments I ever owned! This bass was a gift from my father and, like any curious child, I immediately took a chisel to it to route out room for a pickup and performed all kinds of terrible modifications to it.

Kahler Floating Tremolo set up on the left, *way* easier to useKahler Floating Tremolo set up on the left, *way* easier to use

I believe it’s a 1974 Greco, model unknown. It’s a pretty dead-on Rickenbacker 4001 clone, and has Rickenbacker electronics on it. In addition, it has a Kahler floating tremolo and a small kill-switch on the pickguard.

Pretty cool, huh?Did I mention it’s tuned BEAD? Note the missing Truss Rod Cover

I spent a lot of time looking for a truss rod cover for it, but could never find one. It occurred to me that I could just use my 3D printer to make one, so I did!

The headstock with the truss rod cover installedThe headstock with the truss rod cover installed
Rickenbacker 4001 Truss Rod CoverRickenbacker 4001 Truss Rod Cover

I uploaded the file on Thingiverse and released it under a Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license, so anyone is free to download and make one for themselves.

The finished productThe finished product