As you may already know, I’m a pretty big fan of the Mad Max movies.

'and you will ride eternal, shiny and chrome'‘and I myself will carry you into the Gates of Valhalla’

Thingiverse user filipturz uploaded this awesome 3D model based on the mask Immortan Joe wears in Mad Max: Fury Road. He totally nailed it, and it looks awesome!

Lookin' good, JoeLookin’ good, Immortan Joe

Printing / Building / Painting

The mask prints in two parts, and I printed it on a Makerbot Replicator 5G at .2mm, 5 shells, with raft and support enabled.

The top half of the mask ready to printThe top half of the mask ready to print

After the two parts print out, the support is very easy and straight-forward to remove.

The seam in the middle is where the two parts were joinedThe seam in the middle is where the two parts were joined

This was my first experiment using Bondo as a sandable joiner material, and it worked amazingly well. The seam is completely invisible from the front, and it looks like a one-piece print. I painted it using Rust-oleum Flat Burnished Amber as a base, which goes on really smooth and leaves a nice metallic finish.

Looks great painted! Looks great painted!

I’m a notoriously bad painter, but I’m still proud of the detail on this one! Immortan Joe uses a pretty complex re-breather system, but this mask has all of technically functional components built into it.