This is a 567 IC based fuzz pedal. It only has a single knob to control the intensity of the effect.

fuzz pedal

I built this when I was making a lot of circuit-bent instruments, so it was made to be used with drum machines and other looping instruments. It was built to be used as a tabletop pedal as opposed to a foot pedal, so it has a toggle switch instead of a push switch.

Not the best wiring job I've ever done.Not the finest wiring job I’ve ever done.

Input and Output are both routed through 1/4″ phono jacks, and the pedal is powered by a single 9V battery.


I used a potentiometer instead of a panel-mounted LDR, to allow for more precise control over the effect. Instead of the Ring Modulator effect most people get when they work with the 567 IC, my pedal acted as a thick fuzz pedal. I chalked it up to random chance, and completed the pedal as per the schematic.

This pedal was given to Bard and Mustache, a band from Sarasota, Fl.