I got my hands on one of the first UP BOX 3D printers to hit the shelves, and I’m taking pictures and video to show it off!

The UP BOX was released as an answer to consumer-grade printers with increasingly large build platforms and faster print speeds. At 255 x 205 x 205 mm, this thing has one of the biggest platforms I’ve ever seen on a desktop printer.

This thing is *huge*This thing is *huge*

The printer has a lot of features that seemed to have been designed in response to consumer feedback, primarily with the auto-level probe. Leveling a print bed has always been one of the most headache-inducing parts of 3D printing, and by using a completely automated system, the problem seems even closer to being solved.

Auto-level probe in action Auto-level probe in action

The most common functions of the UP printers (reprint, initialize, preheat, etc.) have been moved to the control panel on the side of the unit. Once you print a model, you can unplug your computer and change filament colors, reprint the object, and toggle the lights all without accessing the software.

The sticker on the inside of the lidThe sticker on the inside of the lid
The view with the top lid openThe view with the top lid open

Functionality is built into every part of the printer, including the glowing logo on the build platform. Each letter can be lit individually, and in several different colors, to provide diagnostic information (extruder too cool, thermocouple error, etc.). Green means everything is working great, and is the only color I’ve seen so far.

The glowing logoThe glowing logo

The extruder seems stable and solid, and prints with a minimum of shaking or vibrating.

Extruder on the gantryExtruder on the gantry

This printer is big, fast, and a little bit more expensive than the other UP! printers. It has a built-in air filter, and can be used while completely enclosed.