Alchemy NFKAlchemy NFK

Alchemy NFK is a venue in Norfolk, Virginia that exists in the brand-new ‘Downtown Arts & Design District’ on Granby Street. Cyndi and I brought down the full [carrythewhat?] replications display to their Pop the Trunk event!

The printer on the left was printing the whole time!The printer on the left was printing the whole time!
Both of the Andrew busts were sold, something that never fails to delight meBoth of the Andrew busts were sold, something that never fails to delight me

It was a cool event, with a lot of interesting stuff for sale! I wound up getting a bunch of soap from Of The Earth Body Care (the lemongrass is my favorite) and Cyndi picked up some holiday gifts for friends and family.

The interior of Alchemy NFKThe interior of Alchemy NFK

I took a walk to go get an energy drink on Saturday, and passed by the Push Comedy Theater. I saw a sign advertising a comedy show at 7 PM, which was right after the Alchemy event ended (6 PM). It looked pretty solid, so I bought tickets to see it later that night.


Norfolk is home to the Scope, a venue that hosted the Hampton Roads Mini Maker Fair, AKA the first Maker Faire I ever went to back in October of 2013!

Woah! Blast from the past!Woah! Blast from the past!

After the event on Saturday, we got dinner at the Parlor on Granby (confusingly located directly next to the Beauty Parlor, a hair salon). Super cool place, and I really loved the old school Edison lights they had suspended from the ceiling.

The interior of the ParlorThe interior of the Parlor on Granby

After dinner, we headed to the comedy theater to see The Pushers Comedy Troupe, who were fresh back from a stint with the Upright Citizens Brigade. They did a performance called ‘Spartacus Fartacus‘, which was sort of like a sober version of Drunk History. Super funny, and worth every penny of the $5 I paid for the ticket!

An awful pic of two very funny guysAn awful picture of some very funny guys

My favorite part of the trip was meeting Todd Webb of, cartoonist and musician extraordinaire. He was offering $1 portraits, and agreed to a $2 portrait of Cyndi and I.

The sign that totally lured me into Todd's standThe sign that totally lured me into Todd’s stand
The $2 portrait of Cyndi and IThe $2 portrait of Cyndi and I! Todd even got our hair colors right!

It came out so great, that I bought a frame for it the next day, and brought it back to have a picture taken with it! He also writes and records music, which we listened to on the ride home.