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Did AT&T Just Double Your Data Allowance?

I just bought an iPhone 6 Plus. I was pretty stoked on it until they announced the iPhone 6S Plus a few days after my return period ended. Apple, man. You just can’t win. Anyways, I’ve gone over my paltry 3 GB data allowance *every single month* for a couple months now. After a few… Continue Reading →

3D Printing Immortan Joe’s Mask from Mad Max: Fury Road

As you may already know, I’m a pretty big fan of the Mad Max movies. Thingiverse user filipturz uploaded this awesome 3D model based on the mask Immortan Joe wears in Mad Max: Fury Road. He totally nailed it, and it looks awesome! Printing / Building / Painting The mask prints in two parts, and I printed… Continue Reading →

First scan with the Occipital Structure 3D Scanner

My first test scan with the Occipital Structure 3D Scanner! This small statue of Atlas holding the world is a powerlifting trophy  I received from the RAW Record Breakers Meet in January, 2014. The model scanned really well, and I was very happy with the final result. The free version of Skanect limits the exported file to 5,000… Continue Reading →

Afinia H800 / UP BOX 3D Printer Hands-on Review

I got my hands on one of the first UP BOX 3D printers to hit the shelves, and I’m taking pictures and video to show it off! The UP BOX was released as an answer to consumer-grade printers with increasingly large build platforms and faster print speeds. At 255 x 205 x 205 mm, this… Continue Reading →

The Amazing Acro-Cats: Richmond, VA – June 2015

For my birthday, I went to see the Acro-Cats (along with the all-cat rock band The Rock-Cats) with some friends! The Richmond CenterStage was a great venue, and there were around 200 people crowded in to watch the cats. In addition to the cats, the show included other animals, each with their own unique talent and personality…. Continue Reading →

Making a Banana Cream Pudding Pie

And now for something completely different!  I’ve always really hated cooking, but I’m trying to force myself to make new things and try stuff that’s outside my comfort zone. I really like baking, and I figured making a Jello pudding pie would be even easier and just as delicious. I was really thrilled with how… Continue Reading →

Transcription Error

When Timeline was first published in 1999, I read it cover-to-cover twice in a row and still felt like I hadn’t fully taken it all in. It was full of really cool ideas, and like most Michael Crichton novels, they were presented in a way that made them seem technologically feasible. My favorite was the… Continue Reading →

Stephin Merritt: Sixth and I, Washington, D.C. – May 2015

[Listen to their set on Spotify!] Stephin Merritt recently wrote a book of poetry celebrating 101 two-letter words, commonly seen in Scrabble and other games. To promote the book, he grabbed his mandolin and hit the road with Sam Davol accompanying him on cello. Stephin and Sam played a total of 26 songs, one for each letter… Continue Reading →

Ciyoyo U8S / Uwatch U8 Smartwatch for Android and iOS

The Ciyoyo U8S smartwatch (also known as the Uwatch U8S, Geekera UWATCH, Androset Universal, Luxesure, and a bunch of other names) is an ultra low-end smartwatch. This watch is Bluetooth compatible, and works by linking to your phone to deliver notifications, information, and messages (Android OS only!) As far as smartwatches go, it’s pretty tough… Continue Reading →

9V Amplifier and 12″ Speaker in a 12″ Tom Drum Shell

Probably one of the weirder things I’ve built. This is a 12″ Celestion Modern Lead 70 Speaker and a 386 IC amplifier in a 12″ tom drum shell. When I built this, neon green duct tape was on sale. A lot of stuff I built had neon green duct tape all over it. The circuit is… Continue Reading →