Duli HeadphonesDuli Headphones

The Duli headphones are an offshoot of the Yuni project, a successful Kickstarter campaign to create 3D printed headphones that allowed those with unilateral deafness (deafness in one ear) to hear stereo sound via specially designed headphones.

Duli HeadphonesDuli Headphones

Unlike the Yuni, which has two speakers on one side and none on the other, the Duli has a speaker on both sides. These headphones can be assembled as a DIY project, using 3D printed parts and common components that can be ordered online or found at a local electronics store.


All of the parts and tools you need!All of the parts and tools you need!

Parts/Tools list:
Duli 3D Printed components (Thingiverse link)
1/8th inch panel mount mono jack (x2) (Radioshack)
22 AWG wire (Amazon)
Dual 1/8th inch mono to 1/8th inch stereo Y cord (We-Supply)
Foam ear pads (Amazon)
40mm 8 ohm speaker (x2) (Digikey)
Soldering Iron (Amazon)
Wire strippers/cutters (Amazon)


The non-printed components can also be purchased from Tindie if you’d prefer to get everything from the same place.

Jack wired to speakerJack wired to speaker

Soldering the speakers to the jacks is a pretty straight-forward task. Once both speakers are soldered to the jacks, they can be inserted in the headphones and locked down using the plastic grilles.

Speaker and jack attached to headphone cup.Speaker and jack attached to headphone cup

The foam ear cover slips on over the flat grille plate, and clips onto the headphone cup using the connecting internal pins. The external pins are used to connect the cups to the headband. Once assembled, the Y cord is plugged in, and your headphones are ready to go!

The finished productThe finished product

If you’d prefer to buy them already built, you can always purchase a fully assembled unit on our Etsy page.