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New Year’s Eve 2017 LED Persistence of Vision Machine!

I’ve wanted to build an LED Persistence of Vision machine with my Blinky Pendant for a while now, but I’ve just never had a chance to sit down and play with it. For NYE this year, I decided to try and build a spinning POV message that said “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017” or something like that. I… Continue Reading →

The Tinder-O-Matic

The Tinder-O-Matic The Tinder-O-Matic can ‘like’ a new profile every 4 seconds or so, which averages to around 900 likes per hour. If left on for 12 hours, the Tinder-O-Matic will like over 10,000 profiles! After building the InMoov finger starter, I found that it was spending a lot of time sitting on my desk. I decided to put… Continue Reading →

My First Maker Faire!

Last weekend, I went to my first Maker Faire! Maker Faires, known as “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”, are events hosted or sponsored by Make Magazine where Makers gather to show off what they are working on. There are generally a small number of “Flagship Maker Faires” (hosted in San Francisco, Detroit, and… Continue Reading →

Making the InMoov Finger Starter

VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF POST I’ve been following the InMoov project for a while, and was waiting for a good time to jump in and start working on one. When the Single Finger starter project was posted on Thingiverse, I decided that it was the perfect place to start. This project requires: Arduino Uno 3D… Continue Reading →