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Making a Low-Poly Model for 3D Printing using Blender

Considering the recent popularity of low-poly 3D models, I was surprised no one had written a tutorial on how to make one. I’ll try to make it simple, but feel free to contact me with any questions! I’m still pretty slow with Blender, but here’s my best shot! STEP 1: Import your model into Blender… Continue Reading →

Silver Spring Maker Faire – September, 2014

Whoops! Looks like I forgot to write about this one! The Silver Spring Maker Faire was produced by the Kid Museum, which is a hands-on museum that has a strong emphasis on DIY learning. My kind of place! There was a museum like this in Sarasota, Florida, but chronic mismanagement and a greedy city government put an… Continue Reading →

Alchemy NFK: Norfolk, VA – December 2014

  Alchemy NFK is a venue in Norfolk, Virginia that exists in the brand-new ‘Downtown Arts & Design District’ on Granby Street. Cyndi and I brought down the full [carrythewhat?] replications display to their Pop the Trunk event! It was a cool event, with a lot of interesting stuff for sale! I wound up getting a bunch of soap from… Continue Reading →

Charlottesville Mini Maker Faire, October 2014

Maker Faire! I get stoked every time I go to one of these! They’re always a blast, and it’s cool seeing what everyone is up to! For this Maker Faire, I was actually manning two booths, one for [carrythewhat?] replications, and one for RepTech. This was a cool set-up, and it was really fun showing… Continue Reading →

OmegaCon 2014 – Charlottesville, Virginia

Despite being a little bit of a nerd (I’ve read all four Doom books! Seriously, who does that?), I’ve never actually been to a Con before. [carrythewhat?] got a vendor spot at OmegaCon, so I decided to tag along and check out my first Anime/Gaming convention! This year, OmegaCon was located in the Main Street Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia…. Continue Reading →

Building the Duli: A DIY Pair of 3D Printed Headphones

The Duli headphones are an offshoot of the Yuni project, a successful Kickstarter campaign to create 3D printed headphones that allowed those with unilateral deafness (deafness in one ear) to hear stereo sound via specially designed headphones. Unlike the Yuni, which has two speakers on one side and none on the other, the Duli has a speaker… Continue Reading →

My trip to the 2014 NoVa Mini Maker Faire

Last week, I went to the NoVa Mini Maker Faire with [carrythewhat?] replications. If you’re not familiar with Maker Faires, I wrote a little bit about them after I attended my first one in Norfolk, Virginia. I couldn’t believe how many 3D printers I saw there. There was an entire gymnasium filled with 3D printers,… Continue Reading →

My First Maker Faire!

Last weekend, I went to my first Maker Faire! Maker Faires, known as “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”, are events hosted or sponsored by Make Magazine where Makers gather to show off what they are working on. There are generally a small number of “Flagship Maker Faires” (hosted in San Francisco, Detroit, and… Continue Reading →

We’ve moved! Check out the new workbench!

We’ve moved! While we’re busy unpacking and getting ready to start some new projects, enjoy these pictures of the new 3D printer workbench!

[CarryTheWhat?] Replications

  Good news, everyone! I’ve officially joined the [CarryTheWhat?] Replications team! I’ll be helping them develop new and cool products in addition to helping produce their current ones. [CarryTheWhat?] Replications specializes in 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and small scale production runs. Our focus is on DIY-grade Open-Source Hardware. I recently spent a few days with… Continue Reading →