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Challenger II: An Optical Theremin

The Challenger II is an optical theremin, built out of a floppy drive, an Express for Men 1MX dress shirt, and other spare parts.

Von Braun XV

The Von Braun XV is a synthesizer, originally built in 2007. The circuit is a modified 556 IC APC circuit, originally designed by Forrest M. Mims in 1980 and called the ‘Sound Synthesizer’. This particular circuit was modified by Beavis Audio Research for use with a line output. The Von Braun is housed in a painted cigar… Continue Reading →

9V Amplifier and 12″ Speaker in a 12″ Tom Drum Shell

Probably one of the weirder things I’ve built. This is a 12″ Celestion Modern Lead 70 Speaker and a 386 IC amplifier in a 12″ tom drum shell. When I built this, neon green duct tape was on sale. A lot of stuff I built had neon green duct tape all over it. The circuit is… Continue Reading →

RAGE: Richmond Area Gear Expo – April, 2015

The Richmond Area Gear Expo (RAGE!) was an eclectic mix of luthiers, guitar pedal makers, and talented musicians. I had a table with some noise instruments (Von Braun VIII and X, reporting for duty) and my ring mod guitar. I was invited by Natalie Quick, who works at Fan Guitar and Ukulele, a great store… Continue Reading →

Come to Quark’s: The Mug!

    Easily one of the best scenes of all of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Immediately after I saw this, I knew I had to build a mug that sang a little jingle *every* *single* *time* I used it. The Radioshack store near my was closing down, so I snapped up a little sound… Continue Reading →

Putting a Ring Modulator Guitar Pedal Inside a Guitar

  Having trouble finding an enclosure for your new pedal? Why not just put it inside your guitar?  This guitar has a 567 Tone Decoder IC circuit inside it that acts as a Ring Modulator with an adjustable carrier wave.   The schematic can be found at the awesome Beavis Audio Research site or right here!… Continue Reading →

Playing the theme from Jurassic Park on a 3D Printer

Hold on to your butts! Inspired by the old printer that played the E1M1 music from my favorite video game Doom, I decided to see how difficult it would be to get my 3D printer to do the same thing with the theme from Jurassic Park. (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t easy) I found a MIDI… Continue Reading →

Silver Spring Maker Faire – September, 2014

Whoops! Looks like I forgot to write about this one! The Silver Spring Maker Faire was produced by the Kid Museum, which is a hands-on museum that has a strong emphasis on DIY learning. My kind of place! There was a museum like this in Sarasota, Florida, but chronic mismanagement and a greedy city government put an… Continue Reading →

My First Maker Faire!

Last weekend, I went to my first Maker Faire! Maker Faires, known as “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”, are events hosted or sponsored by Make Magazine where Makers gather to show off what they are working on. There are generally a small number of “Flagship Maker Faires” (hosted in San Francisco, Detroit, and… Continue Reading →

Challenger II Optical Theremin

The Challenger II is a an optical theremin named after the Space Shuttle Challenger. I built the Challenger II in 2008 along with the Challenger I, which was a similar optical theremin. Challenger I was given away to a local musician shortly after being built. The Challenger II uses a 555 IC oscillator circuit. Pitch… Continue Reading →