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Kvant 1 – Atari Punk Console Module

The Kvant 1 is an Atari Punk Console named after the Russian Mir Space Station’s science module Kvant-1. I built the Kvant 1 in 2008, when I was totally fascinated with the DIY circuit-bending community. The Atari Punk Console was a relatively simple way to learn a lot about electronics, as it can be built with a single 556… Continue Reading →

Vostok I Contact Theremin

The Vostok I is a 555 oscillator circuit with a pair of touch-sensitive antennae that control the frequency of the oscillator. The entire contact theremin is housed in the lower half of a cigar box. The only user control aside from the antennae is the power switch located on the control panel. This small instrument… Continue Reading →

Von Braun IX Optical Theremin

  The Von Braun IX is a simple optical theremin, built into an older jewelry box. The front oculus acts as a shield for the optic sensor located directly behind it. The optic sensor also doubles as an oscillator, and the output is hardwired into a stereo amplifier, which is fed into the 3 speakers… Continue Reading →

Bike Wheel Theremin

  This was a lot of fun to make! I’d wanted to make a “real” capacitive theremin for a while, but I didn’t know what I was going to use for an antenna. I found a schematic for a pitch-only theremin, and decided to try and make it with what I had lying around. For… Continue Reading →

Bass Pedal Synth

For a video of the Bass Pedal Synth in action, scroll to the bottom of this page. The Bass Pedal Synth is a project that was built in collaboration with John Lichtenstein around November, 2012. The bass pedals from a Hammond organ were used to create a synthesizer that could be played with your feet, or your… Continue Reading →