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My First Maker Faire!

Last weekend, I went to my first Maker Faire! Maker Faires, known as “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”, are events hosted or sponsored by Make Magazine where Makers gather to show off what they are working on. There are generally a small number of “Flagship Maker Faires” (hosted in San Francisco, Detroit, and… Continue Reading →

Challenger II Optical Theremin

The Challenger II is a an optical theremin named after the Space Shuttle Challenger. I built the Challenger II in 2008 along with the Challenger I, which was a similar optical theremin. Challenger I was given away to a local musician shortly after being built. The Challenger II uses a 555 IC oscillator circuit. Pitch… Continue Reading →

Kvant 1 – Atari Punk Console Module

The Kvant 1 is an Atari Punk Console named after the Russian Mir Space Station’s science module Kvant-1. I built the Kvant 1 in 2008, when I was totally fascinated with the DIY circuit-bending community. The Atari Punk Console was a relatively simple way to learn a lot about electronics, as it can be built with a single 556… Continue Reading →

Vostok I Contact Theremin

The Vostok I is a 555 oscillator circuit with a pair of touch-sensitive antennae that control the frequency of the oscillator. The entire contact theremin is housed in the lower half of a cigar box. The only user control aside from the antennae is the power switch located on the control panel. This small instrument… Continue Reading →

567 Tone Decoder Fuzz Pedal

This is a 567 IC based fuzz pedal. It only has a single knob to control the intensity of the effect. I built this when I was making a lot of circuit-bent instruments, so it was made to be used with drum machines and other looping instruments. It was built to be used as a… Continue Reading →

Von Braun IX Optical Theremin

  The Von Braun IX is a simple optical theremin, built into an older jewelry box. The front oculus acts as a shield for the optic sensor located directly behind it. The optic sensor also doubles as an oscillator, and the output is hardwired into a stereo amplifier, which is fed into the 3 speakers… Continue Reading →

Bike Wheel Theremin

  This was a lot of fun to make! I’d wanted to make a “real” capacitive theremin for a while, but I didn’t know what I was going to use for an antenna. I found a schematic for a pitch-only theremin, and decided to try and make it with what I had lying around. For… Continue Reading →

Bass Pedal Synth

For a video of the Bass Pedal Synth in action, scroll to the bottom of this page. The Bass Pedal Synth is a project that was built in collaboration with John Lichtenstein around November, 2012. The bass pedals from a Hammond organ were used to create a synthesizer that could be played with your feet, or your… Continue Reading →