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Putting a Ring Modulator Guitar Pedal Inside a Guitar

  Having trouble finding an enclosure for your new pedal? Why not just put it inside your guitar?  This guitar has a 567 Tone Decoder IC circuit inside it that acts as a Ring Modulator with an adjustable carrier wave.   The schematic can be found at the awesome Beavis Audio Research site or right here!… Continue Reading →

Solar Powered 3D Printer!

I met Bert Green, the owner/operator of SolarMill, at the Carytown Watermelon Festival last year. SolarMill uses solar power to create cutting boards and other cool wooden products. Using the solar array on the roof, we powered one of my 3D printers (an UP! Mini) and made a fridge magnet in the shape of Virginia! Bert… Continue Reading →

Playing the theme from Jurassic Park on a 3D Printer

Hold on to your butts! Inspired by the old printer that played the E1M1 music from my favorite video game Doom, I decided to see how difficult it would be to get my 3D printer to do the same thing with the theme from Jurassic Park. (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t easy) I found a MIDI… Continue Reading →

3D Printed Silver Jewelry from Pinshape Printing Contest

In December, I won a 3D printing contest sponsored by Pinshape (twitter). I made (and played) a 3D printed recorder, and tweeted my way to victory. I received $135 to spend at their store, so I got some stuff I couldn’t make with my printers. I found a ring that is printed out of Sterling Silver and I thought… Continue Reading →

Left Shark

Left Shark: The true hero of Superbowl XLIX. Also, it represents the *extremely small* overlap of my affinity for Katy Perry and my hobby of 3D printing. Sorry, I know I’m an awful painter. The teeth are pretty crooked, but I don’t know if I could make them better without a stencil. This 3D model was… Continue Reading →

Making a Low-Poly Model for 3D Printing using Blender

Considering the recent popularity of low-poly 3D models, I was surprised no one had written a tutorial on how to make one. I’ll try to make it simple, but feel free to contact me with any questions! I’m still pretty slow with Blender, but here’s my best shot! STEP 1: Import your model into Blender… Continue Reading →

Fixing a Jammed/Clogged Makerbot Replicator Smart Extruder (teardown)

UPDATE 2/2018: Makerbot has solved most of the problems of this extruder with the new version, the Smart Extruder Plus. If you’ve ever experienced a filament jam, you know how frustrating they can be. If you haven’t, you just haven’t been printing long enough! The Makerbot Smart Extruder was built to attempt and put an… Continue Reading →

A review of a tattered Plantronics M25 Bluetooth Headset

I found this thing in a parking lot, and took it apart and cleaned it up! It’s a Plantronics M25 Bluetooth Headset, and I was able to get it to pair with my iPhone 4S. I made a few calls with it, and it worked great! You can also play music through your phone with… Continue Reading →

Building a Star Trek: Voyager Kazon Ship and Lighted Display Stand

  Building a model from a parts kit can be a rewarding experience, albeit a challenging and occasionally horrifyingly frustrating one. Having finished watching Star Trek: Voyager not too long ago, I was super stoked when I saw a Kazon Raider ship at Stories Comics, and decided to try my hand at model building. The… Continue Reading →

Reddit Secret Santa 2014 Gift Exchange

The Reddit Secret Santa is an annual event that holds the Guinness World Record for largest Secret Santa. I didn’t participate last year, but I was determined to 3D print a gift for a stranger this year. I signed up and was matched immediately, and was also assigned to someone else as a giftee. The Gift I… Continue Reading →