Having trouble finding an enclosure for your new pedal? Why not just put it inside your guitar? 

Very clean and unclutteredVery clean and uncluttered

This guitar has a 567 Tone Decoder IC circuit inside it that acts as a Ring Modulator with an adjustable carrier wave.

LM567_RingModSchematic: Beavis Audio Research


The schematic can be found at the awesome Beavis Audio Research site or right here!

DSC_0108Lookin’ sharp


I actually used this guitar live once at the ‘End of the Dial Tone Radical Experimental Collaborative Music Band Band‘ performance at the Rusty Hook in Sarasota, FL, early 2012.

Photo: Van Jazmin, 2012Photo: Van Jazmin, 2012

Two of the three pickups were removed to make room for the circuit board. The large black knobs acts as a coarse pitch control, while the smaller black knob is a fine pitch control. The small metal switch activates the pedal.

DSC_0119‘Onwards and upwards, that’s what I always say’ – Charlie Bronson
DSC_0129Amazingly enough, it actually sounds pretty good