The Ciyoyo U8S smartwatch (also known as the Uwatch U8S, Geekera UWATCH, Androset Universal, Luxesure, and a bunch of other names) is an ultra low-end smartwatch. This watch is Bluetooth compatible, and works by linking to your phone to deliver notifications, information, and messages (Android OS only!)

Uwatch U8 SmartwatchUwatch U8 Smartwatch

As far as smartwatches go, it’s pretty tough to beat this one in terms of price. For $30, it’s by far the cheapest smartwatch I’ve ever seen. It’s basically an Android tablet on a little rubber strap, and isn’t very functional with any iOS device.

Ciyoyo U8 Watch and boxCiyoyo U8 Watch and box

The watch includes only two accessories: a small metal bar for removing the strap, and a cord for charging.

DSC_0395The Ciyoyo U8S Watch

The strap feels like the same rubber material the Apple Watch Sport band is made out of. It’s very stretchy and comfortable, and it probably the best part about this watch.

DSC_0400It’s actually a pretty comfortable fit on my wrist!

The USB charging port, speaker port, and microphone are all mounted on the left side of the watch. The right side has a single button that acts as a screen-lock.

Speaker port, micro-USB charging port, and microphoneSpeaker port, micro-USB charging port, and microphone

The back of the watch has ‘SMART WATCH’ engraved on it, along with a small pinhole for a reset button. Give that a minute to sink in.

Reset button?!Reset button?!

Almost all of the apps are meant for Android devices, and don’t really work with iOS. You can still make/end calls, but you can’t check messages, receive notifications, or anything else.

Plugged in and chargingPlugged in and charging

The temperature and barometer apps will work without a watch synced up, but that’s about it.

At least the Barometer app works! At least the Barometer app works!

I don’t know if I can really even call it a smartwatch, because it uses your phone for almost all functions. It’s really just a device that brings some information to your wrist, but only on certain OSes. If you have an Android, this watch is going to be much more useful. Not so much for iOS, unfortunately.