A full suit of battle ready cat armor that can be made on a 3D Printer! Thingiverse user and YouTuber PRINTTHATTHING designed this awesome set of Cat Armor and uploaded the design to Thingiverse, and I knew I had to make it!

DSC_0258-2Virginia wearing her suit of cat armor

The suit has a solid feel to it, and is articulated nicely, allowing it to move with the cat! I scaled it down to 95% so it would fit my little cat, but left the tail pieces and stinger at full size. I printed it using Hatchbox Gold ABS Filament, so it would have a metallic look to it!

Entire suit of cat armor, ready for battle! Entire suit of cat armor, ready for battle!

The tail sections are linked together using jewelry hoop links, so they can rotate freely.

Check out that stinger! Check out that stinger!

The chestplate also has a skull that allows a nametag to be hung, in case your cat likes to wander!

You can hang a name-tag from the skull!You can hang a nametag from the skull!

Super cool project!