The Frank Gehry Wiggle ChairThe Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair

I’ve been a fan of the Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair for a while, but like most people, probably won’t ever feel great about spending $7,800 on a cardboard chair. So, it’s time to make my own!

Fusion 360 Design Screenshot

I used Fusion 360 to model the chair from a picture, and decided to experiment with some of the more advanced rendering/animation techniques in Fusion. It was pretty cool seeing the stuff that I don’t normally use in the 3D printing world (adding texture, animation, etc).

Wiggle Chair Fusion 360 Render
Trying out the built-in Fusion Animation feature

Now all that’s left to do is to make one! I plan on 3D printing one using wood filament, but I may also try and laser-cut one out of cardboard, too. I made models at full-size and 1/6th size, so I can use the Slicer function in Fusion to cut it up and export the files for a laser cutter. Cool stuff!