We went to a Renaissance Festival!

Happy birthday Jordan!Happy birthday Jordan!

I spent the weekend in DC for Jordan’s birthday, and we spent Saturday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival! Jordan and I had matching dragon outfits, which turned out to be a ‘not-great’ idea.

It was very hot outsideIt was very hot outside

Potential for heat stroke aside, it was a great time! We were stopped many times by people who wanted pictures with a dragon, and seemed even happier to get a picture with two matching dragons.

We even had an audience with the king!We even had an audience with the king!
Costumes all aroundCostumes all around
At the Ye Olde Watering HoleAt Ye Olde Watering Hole
Check out those earrings!Check out those earrings!

I tried my hand at a dunking booth, and actually managed to hit the little bell! I’m usually terrified by the non-stop stream of trash talk coming from the person in the cage, but the dragon costume definitely gave me some courage.

Nailed it!Nailed it!

Sirena¬†was super cool, and played a type of aggressively ethereal music that I really enjoyed. I was told the genre was called ‘Seapunk’, and it seemed like a fitting title.



The rock climbing wall was fun, and definitely made more challenging by the heavy dragon pajamas I was wearing.

Geared up and ready to goGeared up and ready to go
Cyndi pretty much flew to the top of the tower Cyndi pretty much flew to the top of the tower

On the way out, I walked past one of those ‘hit-the-thing-with-the-hammer’ challenges, and could not resist hitting it with the hammer. After 5 hours of walking around in the hot sun in dragon PJ’s, I was pretty stoked that I could even pick up the hammer.

SPOILER ALERT: The little metal ball didn't go up very farSPOILER ALERT: The little metal ball didn’t go up very far