Spain Spain

Seeing slow-core master Josh Haden’s band Spain has always been a goal, but a goal that I was fairly resigned to leaving unfulfilled. One day before their show at Jammin’ Java, I happened to check Twitter and saw that they would be performing just over two hours north of me! I had to go!

I bought two tickets for $12 apiece, and got a table that was literally touching the edge of the stage. I couldn’t believe how much I lucked out!

Jammin' JavaJammin’ Java
DSC_0077Jammin’ Java

The venue itself was pretty small and intimate, with several eight person tables in front of the stage, each having a few candles.

Opening act The Sea The Sea were terrific, and fit the overall mood of the evening well. Soft, harmony-rich vocals blended perfectly and mixed with the guitar and piano.

Opening act: The Sea The SeaOpening act: The Sea The Sea

I snapped a picture of the setlist that was sitting on the stage so I could see what I should expect. I was totally thrilled with the song selection, and saw that my favorite song (To be a Man) from their newest album was on the list. I actually took the setlist home, and Josh Haden was gracious enough to sign it for me! Bonus points: It has the lyrics to ‘To Be a Man’ on the back!

DSC_0081Set List
Seriously, how cool is this?Seriously, how cool is this?

Love at First Sight
It Could be Heaven
From the Dust
Ten Nights
You Were Meant for Me
Every Time I Try
In My Soul
Nobody Has to Know
To be a Man
Ray of Light
Miracle Man
Let Your Angel
Untitled #1
Sunday Morning


Another sidenote: I noticed that the bass amp had the ‘Smiley Face’ EQ, something that I always set my amps too, as well. I always thought my P-Bass sounded best with these settings, and from an audience standpoint, it definitely sounded awesome.

ADDITIONAL TRIVIA: I also saw Petra Haden, the sister of the singer, when I saw the Decemberists play in Orlando in 2005, a decade prior to this show!

See the smiley face?See the smiley face?

Anyways, I’m not great at taking pictures, but here’s the rest! The show was amazing, and the band sounded good. Meeting Josh Haden was definitely a cool experience, and I’m so glad I went!

DSC_0127 DSC_0174-3 DSC_0129

DSC_0096 DSC_0136-2