Amazon is offering a new service called “Prime Now” that allows for free 2 hour delivery (or 1 hour delivery for $7.99) of many products from the Amazon Prime catalog. Cool stuff, right? Richmond, VA is one of the three cities they are testing the service in (the other two are Nashville and and San Diego).

My Prime Now Bag! The Prime Now bag the groceries arrived in

It totally works!

There was a $20 rebate on your first >$50 order, so I placed an order for cat food, cat litter (this thing weighs a hefty 22 lbs), some Starbucks Double Shots, a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino 4 pack, a bunch of really gross cherry soda, and a surge strip. The total price (after a $5 tip for the delivery driver) came out to around $37, which was not a bad deal for a trunk full of groceries that I had delivered to my front door!

While the order is being delivered, you can actually track the progress in real time. I placed an order at 8:58 AM and it arrived at 11:15 AM. Pretty good for the first day of a brand new service!

The real time tracking of the deliveryThe real time tracking of the delivery

I can definitely see this being a useful service for delivering things like groceries and automating other time-consuming shopping tasks. Same-day delivery, for free!