The Von Braun XV is a synthesizer, originally built in 2007.

The Von Braun XVThe Von Braun XV

The circuit is a modified 556 IC APC circuit, originally designed by Forrest M. Mims in 1980 and called the ‘Sound Synthesizer’. This particular circuit was modified by Beavis Audio Research for use with a line output.

Atari Punk Console SchematicSchematic designed by Beavis Audio Research (Rest in Peace!)

The Von Braun is housed in a painted cigar box. I used to live walking distance from a cigar bar in Southwest Florida that threw them out by the hundreds, and the bartender was a friend of mine who would always save a few for me.

The inside of the Von Braun XVThe inside of the Von Braun XV

Power is controlled with a push-button switch on top left of the unit. A blinking LED in the center acts as a power indicator. The Pitch and Modulation knobs are knurled aluminum, and the Volume is a chicken-head knob.

Von Braun XVVon Braun XV

The output jack is a standard 1/4″ jack, located on the rear of the unit. The line output can be used with most guitar amplifiers, keyboard amplifiers, or PA systems. Due to the relatively light weight of the unit, a thinner cable is recommended.

The 1/4" output jack The 1/4″ output jack

Power is provided by a 9V battery, stored inside the unit.

9V battery inside the unit9V battery inside the unit